Achim Heukemes

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Achim Heukemes (born 1951) is a German ultramarathon runner known for his 4,568-kilometre run through Australia. He started from Fremantle, Western Australia on 2 April 2005 and finished in Sydney 43 days, 13 hours and 8 minutes later. Beating the previous world record of Serge Girard from 1999.


  • Came second in the 2008 the Self-Transcendence 10 Day Race New York.
  • Won the 2004 6-Tage-Lauf Erkrath with 822.730 km
  • Ran 236.210 km at the 24 h Lauf Hamburg in 2000

Other Projects

  • June 25th 2011 Achim began a bike ride across the USA to honour the victims of 9/11.


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