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Almost since the beginning of my online career as a web content generator, there has been the desire to create the ultimate place where everything can be found for anyone interested in ultra and multiday running. It's not possible of course to have the universe in one place but this and the list of categories will hopefully be a good place to start.

Nature of ultrarunning

Forms of Ultrarunning

Ultrarunning events

Running equipment

Injury prevention

Physiology of running

History of ultrarunning

Ultrarunning organizations

Influential Ultrarunners

Hub Sites

Stan Jensen's ultramarathon guide, especially focusing on 100 mile events and others in northern California. Includes information and statistics for the top races in the USA, personal achievements, and goals. Different types of media are available to inform and inspire.

Resources and opinions on topics ranging from training and racing tips to equipment recommendations with selected material from The Ultralist.