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According to the National Sporting Goods Association (NSGA) 189 million outdoor enthusiasts in the U.S. were involved in adventure sports and travel in 1998. Adventure racing is a multi-discipline sport that requires individual will, endurance, survival skills, outdoor knowledge, and teamwork to be successful. The duration of adventure races varies from one-day races to two-week expeditions requiring both day and night navigation often through harsh and challenging terrain. The sport requires athletes be familiar with a variety of outdoor sports, have individual drive and the good team skills. Some of the pouplar races include Odyssey's races, Raid Gauloises, Eco-Challenge, Southern Traverse, Hi-Tec amongst others

Well known multiday adventure events

Well known endurance- and sprint-length events


Books and Videos about Adventure Races

  • Adventure Racing by Jacques Marais and Lisa de Speville. ISBN 0-7360-5911-3
  • Runner's World Guide to Adventure Racing: How to Become a Successful Racer and Adventure Athlete (Runners World) by Ian Adamson. ISBN 1-57954-836-9
  • Adventure Racing: The Ultimate Guide by Liz Caldwell and Barry Siff. ISBN 1-884737-90-0
  • The Complete Guide to Adventure Racing: An Insider’s Guide to the Greatest Sport on Earth by Don Mann and Kara Schaad. ISBN 1-57826-064-7
  • Surviving the Toughest Race on Earth by Martin Dugard. ISBN 0-07-135821-8
  • The Eco-Challenge video series. Australia (ISBN 1-57523-709-1), Morocco, British Columbia and Borneo can still be found on VHS without much difficulty. Videos exist for the other races, but are long out of print.

Books about Navigation and Orienteering

  • Be Expert with Map and Compass by Bjön Kjellström. ISBN 0-684-14270-8
  • U.S. Army Map Reading and Land Navigation Handbook by the U.S. Department of Defense. ISBN 1-59228-382-9
  • Orienteering by Steve Boga. ISBN 0-8117-2870-6

Books about Mountain Biking

  • Zinn & the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance by Lennard Zinn. 4th edition, 2005. ISBN 1-931382-59-X
  • Mountain Bike Like a Champion by Ned Overend. ISBN 1-57954-081-3

Books about Kayaking

  • The Complete Guide to Sea Kayak Touring by Jonathan Hanson. ISBN 0-07-026204-7
  • Sea Kayaker's Savvy Paddler: More than 500 Tips for Better Kayaking

by Doug Alderson. ISBN 0-07-136203-7

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