American Ultrarunning Hall of Fame

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The American Ultrarunning Hall of Fame is an award given by the American Ultrarunning Association to honour the contributions ultrarunners have made to the sport.

Candidates for the Hall of Fame are chosen from the 'modern era' of American ultras, beginning with the New York Road Runners Club 30 Mile race held in 1958. The Inaugural inductees were Ted Corbitt, a former US Olympian, winner of the aforementioned race in 3:04:13, and co-founder of the Road Runners Club of America, and Sandra Kiddy, who kicked off her ultra career at age 42 with a world record at 50 kilometers, 3:36:56, and who went on to set a string of US and world ultra records.

Hall of Fame Inductees

  • Ted Corbitt (2004)
  • Sandra Kiddy (2004)
  • Marcy Schwam (2005)
  • Sue Ellen Trapp (2006)
  • Bernd Heinrich (2007)
  • Stu Mittleman (2008)
  • Allan Kirik (2009)
  • Barney Klecker (2010)
  • Rae Clark (2011)