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The Dragon's Back Race (in Welsh, Ras Cefn y Ddraig) is a multiday running race across mountains from North Wales to South Wales. The 2019 race was from Conwy to Llandeilo, taking place over five days. The ascents in it would add up to twice the height of Mount Everest. The first race was in September 1992, and the second in September 2012. The name refers to the legendary Welsh Dragon. The next event is planned for 2021.

The winners have been as follows.

Year Men Time Women Time Pairs Time
1992 John Redmayne 42:59:00 Helene Diamantides and Martin Stone 38:38:00
2012 Steve Birkinshaw 43:25:30 Helene Whitaker 49:10:05
2015 Jim Mann 40:08:03 Jasmin Paris 41:45:34
2017 Marcus Scotney 37:58:37 Carol Morgan 48:41:47
2019 Galen Reynolds 37:48:06 Lisa Watson 44:33:23

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