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Part of the race experience but often neglected is the post race recovery. After long hours on the track, road or trail, the body has severely depleted its stores of supplies and these need to go back in as soon as possible.


It is vital to maintain hydration for hours or even days after the event has ended as the metabolism has been increased in the body's drive to create the necessary energy to get you to the finish line. Monitor the colour of your urine, drinking more if urine is very dark. Any signs of blood in the urine should entail a trip to your doctor or hospital depending on the severity of the situation.


Depletion occurs on all levels as the body has to dig deep to replenish so nutrient-rich foods are essential in the 24 hours following an ultra or multiday as well as in the days leading up to the event. Muscles need to repair themselves so a full range of nutrients are required as well as appropriate amounts of protein, fat and carbohydrates. The immune system ususally takes a big hit at this time as well


After so much energy has been expended on the journey, now the body needs rest. Don't forget to put some extra down time in as well as a few extra hours of sleep if necessary. No need to train for some time after a race - let the body recover its enthusiasm to run before starting on a heavy schedule again.