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Angela Mudge, winner of the 2006 Women's Skyrunner World Series.

The Skyrunner World Series is an annual international championship of high altitude endurance races organised by the Federation for Sport at Altitude (FSA). It has been sponsored by Buff, a Spanish headwear company, since 2003.

Between six and eight races are selected from at least five different countries. At least five races must feature the "Skyrunning" parameters of a marked vertical incline and a minimum altitude of at least 2,000 metres. Points are allocated according to the finishing position, with 100 for the winner, 88 for second, 78 for third, down to two points for the fortieth placed competitor. The same scale is used for the women's event, but only down to fifteenth position. In order to prolong the opportunity to win the championship, double points are awarded in the final race. The best four results across the season are totalled, and the runner with the highest cumulative score is declared champion for the year.


  • 2003 Agustí Roc Amador Teresa Forn
  • 2004 Agustí Roc Amador Anna Serra
  • 2005 Rob Jebb Corinne Favre
  • 2006 Ricardo Mejia Angela Mudge
  • 2007 Kílian Jornet Burgada Angela Mudge
  • 2008 Kílian Jornet Burgada Corinne Favre
  • 2009 Kílian Jornet Burgada Emanuela Brizio
  • 2010 Tofol Castañer Emanuela Brizio


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