Viking Way Ultra

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The Viking Way Ultra is a non-stop 147 mile ultramarathon that starts near the Humber Bridge. The course makes its way across the Lincolnshire wolds and finishes at Oakham. The route has 2,295m of ascent and has to be completed within 40 hours.

2013 Event

This year, the second running of the event took place March 30th and saw 30 starters and 6 finishers. The first person home was Lee Brazel, just half an hour ahead of Sam Robson who has written a good race report at the link below. There were only two women entered, Jo Kilkenny and Jennifer Bradley, both experienced runners, but they were among the 24 DNF’s that charaterise this event as being a very tough challenge. Pos Name Time Men 1 Lee Brazel 36:05 2 Sam Robson 36:35 3 Wouter Hamelinck 36:56

Race Reports