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The worlds greatest multiday runner. Called the 'Running god', Yiannis Kouros has produced and continues to produce amazing performances breaking records seemingly at will.

Spartathlon Performances

Kouros won the first Spartathlon, still holds the record time at 20:25:00. Kouros competed in four Spartahlons, won all four and held, until Scott Jurek's 2006 performance, the four fastest times ever recorded.

World Records

According to the International Association of Ultrarunners, on the 27 June 2005.

R = Road - T = Track - I = Indoor


100miles R 11h 46min 37s
1000km T 5d 16h 17min 00s
1000km R 5d 20h 13min 40s
1000miles R 10d 10h 30min 36s

Time races

12h R 162.543km
12h T 162.400km
24h T 303.506km
24h R 290.221km
48h T 473.797km
6days T 1036.80km (25 November 2005 - not yet on the IAU website)
6days R 1028.370km

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