3 Days At The Fair

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Part of the New Jersey Trail Series, this event will be offering a 72 Hour option at 3 Days at the Fair in 2011. This is in addition to the current offering of 48 and 24/12/6 hour races. The start date for the 72 Hour is Thursday May 12, 2011.


  • Augusta, NJ at the NJ State Fairgrounds.


The race is held on a flat certified loop of .85 miles (approx 1.4km).


  • There is a full kitchen on the loop to provide hot and cold food 24 hours a day.
  • Bathrooms and showers are also right on the loop to allow the runners their best chance to achieve their maximum result.
  • Plenty of space to set up tents or other items alongside the course as well.

Race Directors

  • Jennifer and Rick McNulty


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