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The Cliff Young Australian 6 Day Race is one of a small handful of Six Day races around the world. Previously known as the Colac 6 Day, the Cliff Young has had many fine performances culminating in November 2005 with Yiannis Kouros, arguably the best multiday runner in the world, setting a new world [[6 Day record]. However in 2006 the race was cancelled due to lack of organisers.


After Cliff Young, the 61 year old winner of the inaugural Sydney to Melbourne Westfield's Ultramarathon victory in May 1983, the City of Colac was inspired to stage a 1000 mile race in Cliff's honour - the 1983 Cliff Young Colac 1000 which started in Melbourne and ended in the Colac Memorial Square.

In the following year, the City of Colac announced its decision to stage a six day race. A 400 meter track was created in the Memorial square and named in his honour. Initially named the 1984 Colac Ultra Marathon, it later became known as the Australian Six Day Race - Colac. Fourteen runners entered the inaugural race including the great Yiannis Kouros and British multiday runner Eleanor Adams-Robinson. Kouros easily won, covering over 1022 km's, setting a new world record and Adams-Robinson also broke 11 world records.

The race was renamed in early 2004 in honour of Cliff Young, who died in 2003.

In 2005, at the age of 48, Yiannis Kouros returned to the recently renamed race and again demonstrated his unparalelled capacity by setting a new 6 Day world record by covering just over 1,036 km, breaking the course record and set new world record times for covering 500 km and 1000 km in his age group.