Dr. Hilary Walker

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Hilary Walker (born 1954) is a British female ultrarunning pioneer, has held multiple world records.

Running Career

Hilary was the first lady to go under 15 hours for both the 100 mile road and track, both in 1988. Now age 51, Hilary is still running, and has completed over 130 marathons, 130 ultramarathons on road/track. In 1988 Hilaryr broke the 48 hour world best with 227 miles and at one point she held World’s Best Performances at 100 miles, 200 miles, 24 hours and 48 hours. Has run many ultras and has completed the Marathon des Sables in Morocco, and the Friendship Highway run between Lhasa and Katmandu in Nepal and the London to Brighton.

Administrative Activity

Hilary is the first female council member of International Association of Ultra Runners IAU and is currently the General Secretary.