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A classic ultramarathon running race took this route each October, starting on Westminster Bridge in the centre of London, and finishing at The Level in Brighton. This is a distance of 54 miles, 198 yards (87.085 km). The race had been organized by the Road Runners Club since 1953. However the course has been raced over at least since the early 19th century, and regularly since 1899. The race is low-key with just over one hundred runners taking part. The fastest may finish in well under 6 hours, whilst there is a time limit of 10 hours after which the course is not marshalled. The future of this particular race is in doubt following a decision by the Road Runners Club not to hold the race in 2006.

The Current Event

  • One of the major problems with the original race was the hazardous road conditions on the A23 so the new race, which is not billed as a replacemnt, uses the countryside to get to Brighton.


  • The London to Brighton Run is a 56 mile (90 kilometre) ultra running event from Blackheath in London, on trails through Kent, Surrey and Sussex to the coastal city of Brighton on the South Coast of England.


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