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Edit Bérces (born May 16, 1964, Zalaegerszeg, Hungary) is an ultramarathon runner, world record holder, former world and European champion.

Berces is Hungary's most successful ultra runner. During her career she set several world records, four of which still stand, and holds virtually all Hungarian records from 100 kilometers to 48 hours.

Top accomplishments include her 2000 world and European 100 kilometer titles and her 24 hour European championship victory in 2002. She has also twice won Hungary's top ultramarathon race, the five-day Vienna–Bratislava–Budapest Supermarathon.

In 2002, just two weeks after winning the European 24 hour Championship, she set a world record over 24 hours on the track as well as a 100 mile world record en route. Based on those accomplishments, Ultramarathon World voted her the top female ultramarathoner of 2002.

In 2004, Berces set a 24 hour world record on the treadmill and set a a 100 mile world record as well en route. Both of these records still stand and the strength of the 24 record is shown by the fact that at the time, it was better than the men's world record.

Her world records

Event Type Result Place Date
100 mile track 14:25:45 Verona September 21-22, 2002
100 mile treadmill 14:15:08 Budapest March 8-9, 2004
24H track 250.106K Verona September 21-22, 2002
24H treadmill 247.2K Budapest March 8-9, 2004

Personal Bests

Event Type Result Place Date
100 km road 7:25:21 Winschoten 2000
100 km track 8:03:52 Camporosso 2002
12H road 135.344K Gravigny 2002
12H track 135.057K Verona 2002
100 mile track 14:25:45 Verona 2002
100 mile road 14:56:09 Cologne 2001
24H road 237.6454K Wörschach 2003
24H track 250.106K Verona 2002
48H track 369.7493K Surgeres 2003