Surgères 48 Hour Race

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The premier 48 hour event in the ultrarunning world. Takes place in the town of Surgeres, France by invitation only. Many records have been set at this race as only the best runners are invited. Wolfgang Schwerk won the 2006 edition holding off Sumie Inagaki, the leading lady.

Early History

In 1985 Jean-Gilles Boussiquet wished to establish a 48 hour French record on the track of Surgères. He was then 41 years old. Jean-Gilles Boussiquet knew the deputy and mayor of the town, Jean-Guy Branger, who had already created the 100 km of Saint-Pierre d' Amilly and mentioned it to him. Jean-Guy Branger got in touch with Michel Landret. Michel Landret and Jean-Guyun got in contact with Jacques Garreaud, known as “Charly”, rugby player and director-assistant of the local case of Crédit Agricole who provided a sum of 2.000 francs helping to finance this operation very modestly. Friends of Jean-Gilles, voluntary firemen, quickly set up a group to organize this very unexpected test with Surgères. A small commercial vehicle would allow d' there to install the time clerks, some barriers installation by the municipal services, a barbecue. All was ready to accomodate this attempt at record on the track in a municipal stage, officially measured by a local usher with 302,80 meters. Jean-Gilles had chosen to run with Patrick Simmonet , one rochelais very attached to the pedestrian deep sea. Nobody, unfortunately, could intervene on the atmospheric conditions - and the weather was well hot in May 1985. Jean-Gilles finished despite everything with 333,988 km and Patrick 214,382 km.

In 1986,11 men and one lady began the race. The victory returned to Jean-Gilles Boussiquet with 375,470 km. Arlette Touchard, at the female ones, carried out 213,171 km. At the end of April 1986, it had rained for 36 hours! But the runners and organisers were not demoralized and in May 1987, 13 men and 2 ladies again took to the Surgères track. First world records were established by Gilbert Mainix at 50 years, with 407,573 km.

Each year, a new test was installation and the organization was supplemented with a festive animation in the enclosure of the track, a permanent restaurant for the runners, a caravan at the disposal of each runner, accessible medical department throughout the 48 hours and counting which remains manual, carried out by voluntary local and different sports associations, in order to preserve a true convivial relation with the competitors. The world records become a true tradition with Surgères. The race was also opened with teams of two competitors (team of 2 men, 2 ladies, or a man and a lady). Jean-Claude PERRONNET, not indicator, took part in it twice.


The race is not being held in 2011 but is hoped it will return in 2012.

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