Gobi March Mongolia

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The Gobi March, part of the 4Deserts race series was the inaugural race held in the Gobi Desert of western China in 2003. Following the format of all 4Desert races, the Gobi March is a 250 km (155-mile) Stage Race that takes place over seven days and six stages. A campsite is raised each night for competitors where they are provided with a place in a tent to sleep, access to hot water, a campfire, medical assistance and the CyberTent where they can view and send messages to family and friends and update their race blog.

  • Competitors race from campsite to campsite each day following marker flags that have been planted the preceding day. They must pass through a series of checkpoints where they collect drinking water and can seek medical treatment.
  • Other than the access to the services described competitors must race completely self-supported, carrying all their food, supplies and equipment for the week. Each competitor must carry a selection of mandatory items at all times to help ensure their safety out on course.
  • Competitors must start each stage at the appointed time and on certain stages cut-off times are set which racers must meet in order to remain active in the event.
  • The results of the race are based on the cumulative time taken for the competitor to complete all the stages, and a competitor must successfully pass through every checkpoint in order to collect a finisher's medal.
  • Should a competitor withdraw from a particular stage, they may not continue in the race.



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