Leona Divide 50 Mile Run

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"Balto" wrote on the Ultralist:

I've run Leona Divide six times. I think it's a great race. The second half of the race is mostly on the Pacific Crest Trail. Although the climbs aren't huge mountain ascents, they do work you over. The course profile is shaped by the crossings of San Francisquito Canyon and Lake Hughes roads.

The dips at miles 28 and 43 are the Lake Huges roads crossings. I've had the best success by keeping my speed in check a little until the mile 35 turn around, then letting loose. The downhill to mile 43 can take a lot of energy because it's on somewhat uneven single track.

Some history:

After putting on the trail series for a few years he got the idea to put on a full blown 50 mile ultra marathon in the area. Sadly he passed away before the inaugural event, but his widow and friends kept the dream alive and have established what's now a very popular race. When you run the race, somewhere around the 15 mile mark (if I recall) you will pass a memorial to Bob, a beautiful log bench set next to the PCT. Nearby is a sign engraved with all names of the male and female winners from each year of the fifty mile race. Enjoy!


  • Glenda Kimmerly
  • kimmerlys(at)yahoo.com
  • (760) 765-1149
  • Don Hughes
  • (661) 268-1365


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