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The original event was organised by Ingo Schulze in 2003 and took take place again in 2009 with 64 daily stages. The 2003 Trans Europe race with 5,000km was the longest such run in the world. In 2009 the race will be limited to 4,500 kilometres. This averages out to about 65-70 kilometres per day.

2003 race

The 2003 Trans Europe Foot Race was organized by Ingo Schultze. It ran from Lisbon to Moscow in 64 days and covered approximately 5100 km. Out of 44 starters, there were 22 finishers including one wheelchair athlete, with Mariko Sakamoto the only woman to finish. The event was won by Robert Wimmer from Germany.

2009 race

The 2009 Trans Europe Foot Race was also organized by Ingo Schultze. The route started in Bari, Italy and finished in North Cape, Norway. It mostly avoided big cities and passed Foggia, Fano, Schlanders, Seeg, Waldkappel before using the ferry Kiel-Gothenburg, and then passing Kristinehamn, Sveg, Storuman, Jokkmokk, Enontekiö and Alta, Norway. Again this was a 64-day race. The total distance was 4485 km.[1] The race began on April 19, 2009 and ended on June 21, 2009.

The male winner was Rainer Koch from Germany with a running time of 378 hours and 12 minutes. The female winner was Takako Furuyama from Japan, with a running time of 529 hours and 6 minutes. 45 runners finished the race.


The race was run again in 2012. It went from Skagen, Denmark to Gibraltar, passing e.g. Haderslev, Ahrensburg, Waldkappel, Frankenbach, Valdoie, Bourganeuf, St-Pons-de-Thomieres, Berga, Teruel and Puente Genil. The total distance was 4175 km and the race took 64 days. The male winner was Peter Bartel from Germany with 354:25:21, and the female winner was Ria Buiten from the Netherlands with 504:18:29.

2021 race

In 2021 a new edition of this multiday event, the Race Across Europe (RAE), will take place. The event is organised by Oliver Witzke and is 64 stages from Tallinn to Lisbon and approximately 4750 km.



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